Paramor Prize: Art + Innovation 2017

I’ve just been advised that this piece has been accepted as a finalist in the Paramor Prize: Art + Innovation in Liverpool, NSW – yay!

The exhibition launch is 18 February and runs till 24 April at the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre.

“Artwork submissions should address ideas about innovation and visions for our future. The union of contemporary art and innovation in creative practice has the potential to generate new knowledge, ideas and processes. The Paramor Prize encourages new ways of seeing, experiencing and interpreting the world around us.”

GE Mandala

Mathematical thinking is not what many perceive it to be; boring. In fact, Mathematical thinking is a way of enhancing creativity, of problem solving in real life situations. Fundamentally, Maths is Quality in Relationships.

I’m paraphrasing Mark Todd, of the Ockham Foundation, after hearing him interviewed on National Radio. Here is a Mathematician who is using his thinking to create positive solutions and contributions to society.

I found this inspiring. I have Geometrically Enhanced these Mandalas with the hope of expanding Quality Relationships and Positive Contributions; let’s meditate on that!