Fiona works from her home near Ōpōtiki, in the Eastern Bay of Plenty, Aotearoa, within the boundaries of the Whakatōhea Iwi, from whom her four adult children descend. Having grown up in Tāneatua & Rūātoki, within the presence of the Tūhoe people, she acknowledges that these influences have contributed to her perspective on life.

“The natural beauty of Ōpōtiki is good for me – I walk out my door, through the sand dunes and along the beach to the river mouth every morning. It puts things in perspective, it soothes my soul and fills me with appreciation, which is the place I want to be creating from.”

Fiona has created for as long as she can remember. “Grandma collected masses of resources for us to use, and always my creations were proudly displayed in her home. A family friend worked for a carpet company and he kindly supplied me with wool – one ball of my finger knitting could go round our house twice!”

Fiona’s meticulously crafted feather pieces have been described by Curators as “meditative and encompassing of many cultures”; that they are “an expression of her family, life-stages & spirituality”.

“I can see the development of my work over time and it excites me – I’m eager to see where to next, what more is possible…”

She counts herself fortunate that she is well represented throughout New Zealand and has had the opportunity to participate in international group exhibitions. Her art awards are many and Fiona’s work is now recognised worldwide with it being held in many overseas collections; Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Canada, Scotland, China, Britain, U.S.A, Australia.

Although Fiona is an internationally acclaimed artist, she has a simple philosophy, “My work allows me to reflect and honor the things that are important to me. It allows me to connect with people and share experiences – my work and I grow together. I am full of appreciation that this is my life.”

Fiona wants to create soulful and elegant pieces. It goes without saying that this is what she has achieved, and it is inspiring to listen to her passion.