I believe in Kotahitanga, Oneness, that we are ultimately connected, to each other and our environment, I would say to Source. At times resistance to that connection is created, which never feels good to me. Yet from that contrast there comes an expansion to pivot towards. My work helps me to release that resistance and it is my hope that it does the same for others. I have certainly witnessed this to be so and it is mightily humbling. That I am part of that process for others through my work is a great honour. I feel the privilege of being a conduit for creative expansive energy to flow through.


I receive so much joy from my personal collection. To be surrounded by these pieces of art in my home keeps me feeling connected to each special time in my life, the people and experiences. The artworks are placeholders, reminders and I adore sharing their story with others. I also feel the connection to and appreciation for the Artist who created the work, reminding me that I am part of a much bigger picture, pardon the pun!


Presently we find ourselves in unprecedented times, with much resistant uncertainty. I’m looking to my work and to others art to find my connection to Source deep within myself, for it is from this place I find hope, courage and an invitation to trust. Kia kaha.



Words written in early April 2020