Port Chalmers


Peacock & turkey feathers

Dimensions: 83 x 83 cm

Homage to Hotere.

Of the feather concentric circles;
“There is something about the circle and the circular that is so emblematic of painting that the quest for the perfect circle has haunted art history from its beginning. For physicists a circle is formed when a system finds an equilibrium at a minimum energy level. Using a similar argument, Gestalt perceptual psychologist Rudolf Arnheim (The Power of the Centre, 1982) has written of how the spatial organisation of all artworks is made up of two dynamics (in the sense of attraction or repulsion), which he calls centricity and eccentricity.”  Laurence Simmons
And of the black void in the centre;
Petere Matthiessen in The Snow Leopard (1978) described an experience of sitting on rocks in the Himalayas as leading to an awareness of a Void at the centre, or the source, of phenomenal existence: “These hard rocks instruct my bones in what my brain could never grasp in the Heart Sutra, that ‘form is emptiness and emptiness is form’ – the Void, the emptiness of blue-black space, contained in everything.”