Square Mandala


Guinea fowl, turkey, pheasant & peacock feathers.

Dimensions: 87x87cm

In Sanskrit, ‘mandala’ means ‘circle’, and in the Buddhist tradition these represent connection to life energy or deepest source. Humans respond instinctively to the sense of connection, to ourselves, to others, and to a source that’s both universal and eternal; it’s an instinct that crosses all boundaries. 

Systemic thinking looks at the big picture – at how the parts of a system relate. A healthy system contains parts that are connected, that have balance, order and belonging.  When this happens the system can relax and be well-functioning.

Our bodies are systems. Our families. Our communities. Our country is a system.

Disorders can be healed with a healthy bond. Joham Hari says, “The opposite of addiction is connection. Addiction is not a substance disorder, it’s a social disorder”. A systemic disorder.

So when parts relate to each other with compassion and connection, something new and whole can arise – even squares from circles!

What would it look like if we would more frequently included the excluded, and relate to each other with connected compassion?